FinTech ReImagined Forum Recap: Top Event Takeaways

by Julijana Jankoska

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The Adeva ReImagined Forum was held virtually on September 23 from 5:30 p.m – 10:30 p.m. 

The purpose of the event was to connect innovators, industry leaders, and investors to discuss the trending topic of driving innovation in the FinTech industry. Our goals were as follows:

  • Discuss the trends that will dominate FinTech for years to come
  • Learn what might be coming next in the world of Open Banking
  • Debate on the best strategies for creating a culture of innovation and creative ideas
  • Analyze the emerging trends in infrastructure & security

We're excited to share that the event was a great success. We reached our goal of having 15+ speakers, all leaders in their own respective fields, join us for the event and share their expertise and innovative ideas with the audience. More than 500 people have watched the event to date, and we see new people tuning in every day. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.

Why FinTech ReImagined Forum?

The main reason why we organized this event was the need to show how FinTech is revolutionizing the industry. It will be the only segment that will transform the financial services sector, which will be shaped by the needs of consumers.

What's more, FinTech has opened doors to many investors, a variety of companies, and individuals to be part of the industry. It’s not only banks and big players. Now, everyone has a chance. 

The success of this event, which was the first one of this kind to be organized by Adeva, only motivates us to keep going. Our goal is to organize more similar events in the future where we will have innovators and industry leaders from all around the globe discuss the most trending topics in the technology realm that we all seem to share a passion for. 

Program and Speakers

Siri Borsum, Global VP Finance Vertical Eco-development & Partnerships at Huawei, kickstarted the event and gave her keynote presentation on competition and partnerships in the FinTech sector.

Her presentation was followed by five panels discussing the most trending topics in the FinTech world, including open banking and sustainable finance. The event concluded with a keynote fireside chat between Mani Janakiram, Sr. Director & Sr. AI Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, and Dr. Al Naqvi, founder of the American Institute for AI. 

Keynote Presentation - Putting the Consumer First With Siri Børsum

Keynote Presentation - Putting the Consumer First With Siri Børsum

As a keynote speaker, we had the pleasure of having Siri Børsum, Global VP Finance Vertical Eco-development & Partnerships at Huawei. She opened the event with a topic close to her heart and something very exciting to talk about. 

She explored the trend of putting the consumer first and how competition and partnerships in the FinTech sector are driving more choice and better experiences. 

Open Banking - A Blueprint for the Digital Economy

Open Banking - a Blueprint for the Digital Economy


  • Helen Child - Co-Founder, Open Banking Excellence
  • Brendan Jones - CCO, Konsentus
  • Samantha Seaton - CEO, MoneyHub
  • Huw Davies - Co-Founder & CCO, Ozone APl

This panel, moderated by Huw Davies, co-founder and CCO of Ozone API, revolved around the concept of open banking. He was joined by Helen Child, co-founder of Open Banking Excellence, Brendan Jones, CCO of Konsentus, and Samantha Seaton, CEO of MoneyHub. 

Global Payments - Fast Forward Into the Future

Global Payments - Fast Forward into the Future


  • Katerina Trajchevska - CEO, Adeva
  • Noa Keren - SVP Product Management & Strategy, Payoneer

In this talk, Noa Keren, SVP Product Management & Strategy at Payoneer, discusses the topic of global payments. Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva, moderates the panel. 

Noa names some of the tech giants, such as Amazon and Google, as the ones "to blame" for the high expectations customers have in terms of customer experience. Talking about what RegTech brings into the FinTech industry and how the two are integrated, she claims that RegTech is part of the digital blooming, and we all need RegTech solutions to protect our organizations.

Sustainable Finance & Innovation - A Virtual Exchange of Ideas

Sustainable Finance & Innovation - A Virtual Exchange of Ideas


  • Svetla Marinova - FinTech Strategic Partnerships, AWS
  • Dr. Guan Seng Khoo - Head of VC Research, Singapore Economic Forum
  • Jan Christopher Arp - Founding Managing Partner, Holt Accelerator
  • Nicholas Firzli - General Director, World Pensions Forum

This panel, moderated by Nicholas Firzli, General Director at the World Pensions Forum, explored the topic of sustainable finance and innovation. He was joined by Svetla Marinova, FinTech Strategic Partnerships at AWS, Dr. Guan Seng Khoo, Head of VC Research at the Singapore Economic Forum, and Jan Christopher Arp, Founding Managing Partner at Holt Accelerator. The panel kicks off by discussing how FinTech companies can play a role in sustainable finance. 

Infrastructure & Security - Trends and Emerging Threats


  • James McLeod - Director of Community, FINOS
  • Peter DeMeo - Head of Digital Asset Infrastructure, IBM
  • Dave Tonge - CTO, MoneyHub
  • Chris Michael - Co-Founder & CEO, Ozone API

This panel, moderated by Peter DeMeo, Head of Digital Asset Infrastructure at IBM, explored the trending topic of infrastructure and security, focusing on trends and emerging threats. He was joined by James McLeod, Director of Community at FINOS, Dave Tonge, CTO of MoneyHub, and Chris Michael, Co-Founder & CEO of Ozone API.

The Rise of Embedded Finance - Next Frontier

The Rise of Embedded Finance


  • Katerina Trajchevska - CEO, Adeva
  • Ignacio Javierre - Co-founder & COO, HUBUC
  • Adrian Klee - New Digital Business Builder, Ross Republic

This panel, moderated by Katerina Trajchevska, the CEO of Adeva, dived deep into the topic of the rise of embedded finance. She was joined by Ignacio Javierre, co-founder & COO of HUBUC, and Adrian Klee, New Digital Business Builder at the Ross Republic.

Keynote Fireside Chat: Artificial Intelligence - Strategy and Implications

Artificial Intelligence - Strategy and Implications


  • Mani Janakiram - Sr. Director & Sr. AI Principal Engineer, Data & Analytics, Intel Corporation
  • Dr. Al Naqvi - Founder, American Institute for AI

Mani Janakiram, the Sr. Director & Sr. AI Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, and Dr. Al Naqvi, the founder of the American Institute for AI, were the last speakers on the ReImagined Forum. This keynote fireside chat explored the topic of artificial intelligence, focusing on strategy and implications. 

Final Points

Many call Fintech the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and experts believe it would be as impactful as the digital revolution that began in the second half of the 20th century. 

The rise of embedded finance and open banking concepts can be considered a form of riot against the outdated finance systems that many people want to resign using. 

There's no doubt: Traditional systems are slowly forced to adapt and begin offering new innovative solutions to customers and startups. There's no way of knowing for sure if Fintech is the future of finance and whether it will overtake the market, but the odds are in its favor. 

We hope this event will inspire broader conversations about the FinTech industry and the endless possibilities it offers. 

The speakers who attended our forum are the leading pioneers in the field who believe in the power of this innovative technology and want to see it take over the world. As Brendon Jones explained, "Those who are interested in adopting Fintech should learn from lessons learned by us pioneers so they can drive adoption a lot quicker."

Did you miss the FinTech ReImagined Forum? You can watch the recordings here.

Julijana Jankoska
Julijana Jankoska
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