Developer Perspective: Events & Communities in Macedonia

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If you are a developer based in Macedonia or just visiting, you can find many meet-ups happening once or twice a month, or you can join events, hackathons or conferences scheduled to happen every year. There are also many communities where you can get involved whether you are a student, junior developer or further in your career.

With this post, I will try to cover most of them.

Let’s begin.


Codefest Marathon is 32 hours long challenge event, where teams of 2-5 members are building solutions from scratch – from idea to prototype/demo.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Macedonia is a 2-day hackathon, where developers, programmers, designers, makers and other enthusiasts work with NASA open data to create solutions to global challenges.

IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members—advised by an IEEE member, and often supported by an IEEE Student Branch—compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

Endava Tech Flow is an initiative that brings together passionate IT professionals and industry experts, to challenge traditional approaches and drives an exciting learning opportunity through knowledge-sharing and open conversations.

CodeFu is a programming competition for students and postgraduates from Macedonia (or studying in Macedonia). For this competition, you don’t need any martial art skills. You need knowledge and a wish to prove yourself.

CodeCamp Conference is free, one day educational event focusing on IT and Development on Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQL, MS platforms, and products).

JavaSkop is a one day Java community event to connect people that use Java, or are interested about it, share ideas, experiences, and knowledge through regular meetings and technical conferences.

Muffin Conference is an Annual Technology Conference organized by Musala Soft.


In Tech Meetup happens 3 or 4 times a year and the goal of these events is to gather the community together in one place, to initiate discussion between developers about technology and innovation.

TedXSeptemvriskaSesijaSalon gatherings are local, self-organized events that happen almost 8 times a year, intended to bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  develop and leverage the TED experience at a regional level, uniting innovators, thinkers, inspirational speakers, shakers, makers, and breakers.

Beer and Code is a meet up that happens every 2nd Thursday, with lectures about code, best examples, bad examples, and free beer for attendants.

Skopje Tech Meet-Up is an initiative for supporting and strengthening the IT community in Macedonia.

NUGMK, a group of Macedonian NodeJS users with an aim to connect people that use NodeJS, or are interested in it. Sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge through regular meetings and conferences.

BeerJS, is a small community of JavaScript enthusiasts who gather together to share some awesome knowledge and drink beer.


Сојузен комитет на програмери на Република Македонија is a community group that is built to gather all developers to discuss projects, topics, and activities, as well as to share job opportunities.

Работа и вработување во ИТ сектор is a group for sharing IT related job offers amongst developers in Macedonia.


Girls in Tech Macedonia is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.

WeTalkIT is a community, from a bunch of techies who educate each other by sharing ideas and experiences that make a difference in their cool nerdy lives. They organize hackathons and promote developers from Macedonia on the global scene.

Macedonian .NET user group is a local organization dedicated to building the community of .NET developers in Macedonia.

JUGMK is an official group of Java users (both professionals and enthusiasts) in Macedonia. Its primary aim is to connect people that use Java, or are interested in, share ideas, experiences, and knowledge through regular meetings and technical conferences.

If I’ve missed someone in this list, please share it in the comment area and I will make sure it is added to the rest.

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